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The role of the CEO on social media platform

The basic marketing crux is to create a trustful relationship among the organization and its customers or the people who are watching to your promotional activities. It is very difficult for the marketers to build trust among their viewers as in this era it is very hard to use deceptive marketing techniques over your audience and they will start trusting you.

Through the platform like social media, the leaders of the organizations get the chance to directly communicate with the audience and get their feedback on the decisions they are making or the values they are setting for their products and organization. Such communication allows the leader to have a transparent relationship with their customers and by this they can get the trust of their customers or the audience.

Social media offers the opportunity of transparency to the organizations and this is the main and primary focus for any effective personal brand these days. This transparency in Instagram & facebook may help the followers to know more about the people who are running the organization and working for the brands they like to purchase. This creates a strong relationship among the customers and the organization which will even help in the bad times or the time when the organization is in the crisis. According to the senior marketers, if the organization has the history of transparency and has a strong relation with its customers, then people will give the brand a second chance even if they has a bad experience once.

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There are some expectations of the audience with the brands and the leaders of the brands can fulfill it by using the social media platform. The role that is s expected from a good leadership over the social media involves them to be:


People expect the leadership of any brand they like to be the authentic source of information for them. As we know that authenticity is the essential part of any relationship which is built on trust. People expect from the leaders to be authentic to them over the social media platform where they generally communicate with them. To get more authentic, buy instagram followers from trusted sources in start to get intial boosting in following. Either the social media accounts of the higher management like CEOs and Chairmen run through the digital agency or by themselves, it should be based on the real values of the CEO or the upper management and the real experiences should be reflected.

Respond to the curiosities of the important viewers:

CEOs are expected the most to be answerable about the decisions they are making, and audience like to question and get the answers behind the reason of taking these decisions. This is the role of the CEOs to answer the curiosities of the audience over the social media sites and make their relation with the audience more reliable and trustworthy for them.

Small things might have big effects:

Over social media sites, almost 60 percent of the top leadership like CEOs don’t have the private accounts. In this era where social media is acting as a basic tool of marketing, it is the role of CEOs to connect with the audience over any social media site. They are not expected to be available on each and every site but a small presence can have a bigger impact. They can post on just one app like LinkedIn and that would be enough for the audience.