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Effective and Simple Home Remedies for Fleas That Work 2018

Pests are buoyant. You will see more and more pests around your house even after killing a number of pests. The big issue is that they multiply rapidly especially fleas. You can see this quick expansion on your pets, on carpets and even on your shoes. Chemical products can only kill pests but the natural home remedies are safer to use. You can use them even on the store shelves. So start your own traps to kill the fleas by taking this natural approach. In this post, we will discuss some home remedies for fleas that are highly useful when it comes to purging the fleas from your home.

Simple Home Remedies for Fleas

Pennyroyal Oil

The Pennyroyal oil belongs to the mint family that can kill the fleas. It is also used in the insecticide shampoos for the animals. You can use it for your pets but don’t use it for DIY flea sprays as it has poisonous compound named pulegone.

Steam Cleaning

Cleaning is the best option to get rid of fleas. Take the fleas out of the picture by steam cleaning to all places where it can be found especially underneath. Vacuum your carpet, pet bedding, flooring, furniture and gaps of baseboards. Alternatively, use cornstarch before vacuuming. Fleas will die in the canister. You can also wash the vacuum bag with soap and hot water.

Flea Trapping:

Flea trapping is one of the most effective ways when it comes to killing the fleas. If you ask anyone that how I control the flea then flea trapping will be the topmost option by 1/3 of the people. All you need to have warm water, dishwashing liquid, large bowl and candle when you will try to trap the fleas. Take one bowl and fill it ¾ portions with water and put in a substantial amount of dishwashing liquid or soap. Now, place this bowl in that area where fleas are swarming and shut the light off before going to bed. But don’t forget to place a candle of any light source near the bowl to attract their attention. This is the simple trick that you can do the night after night in your house. The light and heat will attract them and they will come to the water bowl and eventually fell into the water. Dispose these dead fleas and repeat the process every night.

Flea Spray:

Flea spray is one of the best natural home remedies for fleas that are too much effective to kill them. All you need to have any essential oil, water, apple cider vinegar, and one large spray bottle. Fill the water spray bottle with some water and add 2 drops of tea tree oil and one cup of apple cider vinegar and combine them well. Shake up the spray bottle to mix all the ingredients. Now, you can use this spray on your pet to keep to keep the pests away.



We hope these useful home remedies for fleas works great when you use them to kill the fleas. Leave a comment and let us know which home remedy you will try to keep the fleas away from your beloved pet.